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Culinary Tours In Athens ( Shared Tour)

From EUR 125

Culinary Tour In Athens, 3 hrs

Included: all samplings on the go

Meeting point: Acropolis train station



From EUR 125

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Athens Food Tour, 3 hrs.

This tour is a  Greek culinary adventure. What’s in ouzo? How do you make (and pronounce!) taramasalata and moussakka? How is meat roasted for a gyro? Where can you find the best loukaniko and pita?

Our local guides have nibbled their way from one end of the city to the other. We offer culinary walks in areas other tourists will miss altogether. We visit the old neighborhoods and explore the authentic taste of Greek food, as it is served up in Athens.

It is a delight observing the everyday hubbub of Athens as you sample this very special food culture. We’ll explore busy streets where people do their marketing and ply their trade.

You’ll stop at the local restaurants that shopkeepers frequent for for lunch and visit secluded gardens where elderly men enjoy tea. As we eat as part of the Athens food tour, we also walk into monuments and other historical buildings that beckon to you.

Athens Food tour includes a lot of tastings: you may want to skip breakfast for the morning tour…or forgo lunch if you’re touring in the afternoon.

  • Local neighbourhoods
  • Real Greek food
  • Introduction to Greek cuisine
  • Variety to choose as you


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