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Istanbul City Pack

From EUR 80

Istanbul Pack has 4 essential items:

  • Istanbul Museum Pass
  • Istanbul Transport Card
  • Mobile Modem
  • 3 hour walking tour for navigation of Sultanahmet
  • Istanbul Express Tour ( 3 hrs) Please book your tour for the day that you want to pick up your pack! Your guide will bring your pack to the meeting point. 

From EUR 80

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1.With your  multi-day Museum Pass, visit museums, castles, palaces and more! Pass is valid from first use, so plan ahead and purchase your pack with us in advance.

2.Your pack has a card with unlimited access to Istanbul’s transport system including the ferries and the tram.

3.Stay Connected and Avoid Roaming Charges with the Mobile HotSpot. Connect your tablet, smartphone and laptop. One Mobile Hotspot is enough for you and your travelling buddies.

4.Istanbul City Pack includes an introductory walking tour of Istanbul:  Istanbul Express tour ( only 3 hours) which is a great immersion to the city and then you will feel more navigated on your own.  

We meet at the House of Medusa Restaurant in Sultanahmet at 09:30 am

Book your Istanbul Express Tour for the day you’d like to pick up your pack. Your guide will bring the pack to the meeting point. 



Simplify your trip to Istanbul!

Istanbul City Pack is the smart tourism package that gives you the opportunity to explore the city in an easy and personalized way.

A practical must-have, Istanbul City Pack is the answer to all your visiting needs, whether you’re staying one day or longer.

The pack includes 4 essential items:

Istanbul Museum Pass
Istanbul Transport Card
Mobile Hotspot
Istanbul Express Walking Tour



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