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Wroclaw Old City Walking Tours ( Shared Tour)

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Walking Tour Wroclaw,3 hrs

Walking tour to navigate Wroclaw old town

Cathedral Island / Picturesque Old Town

Winding maze of cobblestoned lanes, church spires

Medieval history and Gothic architecture


Scholarly and local Walks In Europe Tour Guides
Small groups of 8 or private tours
Admission fees
Coffee break with chocolate or ice-cream


Transport back to hotel

From EUR 80

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Walking Tour Wroclaw, 3 hrs

Our guide lives in Wroclaw with his beautiful family and has local contacts that no other tour can take you.

Wrocław has a unique location on the Odra River. The city consists of 12 islands connected with 130 bridges so it is very similar to Venice but much less crowded and more manageable.

Its riverside parks are idyllic and its beautifully preserved Cathedral Island is a treat for lovers of Gothic architecture.

Wroclaw is a lively cultural centre, with several theatres, major festivals, rampant nightlife and a large student community. The city’s main attractions are confined to three major boroughs in the city, all which are accessible by foot.

The heart of Wrocław is its medieval market square (Rynek), which is one of the largest in Poland and arguably one of the most picturesque in all of Europe. It was almost totally rebuilt after 1945, but is just as beautiful as ever.

Wrocław’s Old Town is a winding maze of cobblestoned lanes, church spires and vibrantly coloured buildings. This is the district where you’ll find most of the city’s historical monuments and medieval architecture so our walking tour will focus on this area.

Many of the buildings in Wrocław’s picturesque old town are painted with bright colours that reflect the city’s youthful and creative vibe. As one of the most colourful cities in the world, Wroclaw’s colours bring the city to life.

The city isn’t just inhabited by humans, there is also a thriving gnome population! Over 300 gnomes are scattered throughout the city, with more appearing all the time.

Our guide makes sure that you don’t miss the famous anti-communist dwarves . As you walk keep your eyes peeled because more often that not, you’ll encounter the famous dwarves of Wroclaw on the ground, in corners and beneath window ledges – but, watch where you’re going.

This tour with Walks In Europe is an intimate tour that takes a maximum of only 8 people. We also offer private tours, where we will pick you up right at your hotel! Walking tour of Wroclaw ends at the town centre where you can enjoy a drink  as our guide will point out some of the magnificent cosy restaurants and bars in the neighbourhood.

  • Town Hall
  • Market Square
  • Salt Square
  • Market Hall
  • Hansel and Gretel Houses
  • Cathedral Island
  • Wroclaw Cathedral
  • Ostrow Tumski
  • Centennial Hall
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Turnski Bridge
  • University of Wroclaw
  • Old City Prison
  • Panorama of Raclawice Battle (Panorama Raclawicka) 


  1. Wrocław